The Town of Arviat, Nunavut, Canada

Here is a list of business information with photos in Arviat: I will be updating this post all the time…

Warning: Lots of Photos on the page. If you have a slower Internet connection it might take a while to load.

If there is information wrong on the page please let me know and I will update ASAP. Thank You!

Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Gendarmerie royale du Canada
General Inquiries (867) 857-0123 Emergency Only (867) 857-1111
Fax: (867) 857-2691 For Hearing Impaired TDD (867) 669-5223

Arviat Health Centre
Phone: (867) 857-3100 Fax: (867)857-3149
Social Services: (867) 857-3102
Home Care: (867) 857-3112
Fire Emergency
(867) 857-2525

Government of Nunavut – Pana Building

Arviat Development Corporation Ltd.
Phone: (867) 857-2901 Fax: (867) 857-2895

Arviat Housing Association

Building #2
Search & Rescue
Phone: (867) 857-2900 Fax: (867) 957-2988 

Canada Post Office
(867) 857-2859

Nunavut Arctic College – Community Learning Centre
(867) 857-2903

Nunavut Arctic College – Head Office
Office # (867) 857-8600 Fax # (867) 857-8619 Toll Free # 1-800-988-4636

John Arnalukjuak High School

Shared Care Daycare
(867) 857-2799

Aboriginal Head Start
(867) 857-2378

Alliance Church
(867) 857-2950

Anglican Mission
(867) 857-2252

Roman Catholic Church
(867) 857-2840

Glad Tidings Church
(867) 857-2707

John Ollie Complex
John Ollie Recreation Complex
(867) 857-2540

Arviat Hamlet Office
(867) 857-2841

Padlei Coop – Hotel/Inns North (Hotel & Restaurant)
Phone: (867) 857-2933 Fax: (867) 857-2762

Katimavik Suits – Hotel
(867) 857-2752

Eskimo Point Lumber Supply & Airport Services
Phone: (867) 857-2752 Fax: (867) 857-2883

Padlei Cooperative Association Ltd.
Phone: (867) 857-2933 Fax: (867) 857-2762

The Northern Store
Phone: (867) 857-2826 Fax: (867) 857-2925

Community Freezer
Call the Hamlet for Information at (867) 857-2841


Kiluk Ltd – Arts & Crafts Store
Phone: (867) 857-2713 or 2075 Fax: (867) 857-2714

There are no Banks here… Interact services available at most retail stores & ATM’s (You have to pay if you take money out of the machines).

Arviat Airport
Phone: (867) 857-2997 Fax: (867) 857-2733
Calm Air – Toll Free: 1-800-839-2256
First Air – Phone # 857-4047, Fax # 857-4049. For other general information, call 1-800-267-1247.
Kivalliq Air – 1-877-855-1500

Leonard & Associates Ltd.
Phone: (867) 857-2751 Fax: (867) 857-2865


24 thoughts on “The Town of Arviat, Nunavut, Canada”

  1. Nice, appretiable and informative job.
    Now I know that I need a SnowMobile or an offroader to drive around in Arviat 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the pictures and information. It would be so nice to be able to see the north and experience life up there. Your site is the next best thing.

    Thank you

  3. hey, I have something for you to fix here… Instead of Ariaq Aluk its suppose to be “Arviaqpaluk” I think the letter “P” fell off at some point… lol

  4. Just stop by to see the site of Arviat, I miss the Arviat-miit. Anyways send my LOVE to the all from norman aomauk igloopialik….

  5. Hi there, FYI…First Air now flies into Arviat. Phone number 857-4047, fax number 857-4049. For other general information, call 1-800-267-1247.

  6. Hi this is a great site, My best friend just moved there to teach at the high school, her daughter goes to the day care center how lovely to have a visual of the town and where she teaches thanks so much. You never know I may be able to visit next year. Have a great day Patty Chapman

  7. Thirty six years ago I did the plumbing in the Eskimo Point School that resembled an Igloo. The new school could accommodate the entire town if needed. I don’t see any photos of it here. What happened to it??

    1. The Padlei Inn is clean and the hospitality is excellent…feels like family. Stayed for a couple of nights recently for business.

  8. Beautiful spot. I speant time there over a couple of summers brining fuel back and forth. Would live to come back one day for a visit.

  9. if anyone can help please. my daughters boyfriend went back to work there,his name is jason clements, nobody has heard from him in over 2 worried because he always kept in contact with his mom and girlfriend and his 3 boys if anybody who lives there reads this and heard of him please email me and let us know he is all right last heard he was having problems with someone thank you very much

  10. flew there in july of 2011.did a day trip there inour c-182.will go back in 2013 for a two day trip.will bring along some more planes from manitoba.

  11. Hi
    Im heading up to Arviat to work as a Registered Nurse. Is there any type of Fitness/Exercise equipment facility available ?? I have a bit of Christmas goodies I would like to work off . lol

  12. Fun looking through this site. Things have changed since I spent the summer up there in 1983, when it was Eskimo Point. Great Memories!

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